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The International Panel on Climate Change estimates that over the next 3 decades we will invest $2 trillion annually to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. This wave of investment presents an opportunity to address socioeconomic inequities in tandem with environmental issues if projects are designed strategically. At Shake Energy Collaborative, we believe that renewable energy development can be a powerful economic tool for building a more equitable future.

Shake Energy Collaborative is a benefit corporation energy developer that enables communities to design and profit from their own energy resources. At Shake, we have learned that community members hold the greatest knowledge of their local land - and that knowledge should be leveraged to design the most effective renewable energy infrastructure for their community. Through our unique co-design framework, we enable community members to synthesize technical information and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to design the siting, sizing, dual land uses and other physical attributes of an energy project in their area. Once Shake develops the project according to the community’s design, this resource will generate low-carbon energy and financial savings that can be invested back into the community. The community decides how to most powerfully reinvest these financial savings to maximize how they define social impact. At Shake Energy Collaborative we design with, rather than for, communities.
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