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Project summary

This project is led by the Kaʻala Farms to install a clean energy off-grid energy system to power much needed appliances in the farm kitchen. The system will consist of solar and battery storage. The farm kitchen will have refrigeration, and electric stove, oven, steamer, mill, and other equipment for preparing kalo and other produce from the farm. 


By electrifying the farm kitchen, Kaʻala will be able to reach more people in the community by processing more nutritious, traditional food in value added ways that are more accessible and appealing to families. Kaʻala staff will also be able to host groups in the evenings and save time by not hauling in ice on a daily basis for refrigeration. This electrification will be clean and off-grid to chart a sustainable and self-sufficient path forward.


This effort is a collaboration between Kaʻala Farm, Shake Energy, and Hui Kupaʻa - a local installation company with extensive experience with off-grid systems.

Project size

Total 23 kW PV DC , 41 kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Project Locations:

  • Waiʻanae Valley, Waiʻanae - 23 kW of (potentially elevated) ground-mounted solar panels sited on Kaʻala Farms’ Southern plot to be developed along with the community farm

Shake's Role and Services

  • Community co-design facilitation

  • Project financing assistance

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