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Project Details

This community-based project is driven by the Molokaʻi community’s desire for locally-owned, sustainable energy sources with responsible land-use designs that benefit residents of the island - particularly those who struggle to keep up with increasing electricity costs. This project builds upon the long history of Molokaʻi residents advocating for just energy development and learning from other island communities about successful community-based models. 


With an RFP from the utility in March 2022 seeking community-based renewable energy (CBRE) projects on Molokaʻi up to 2.75 MW of solar and battery energy storage - the community decided it was time to seize the opportunity to design, own and operate their own energy future. To that end, a group of dedicated Molokaʻi residents have worked over the last year to formalize this consumer cooperative, called Hoʻāhu Energy Cooperative Molokai, which will own and operate the CBRE projects. Residents design all aspects of the proposed project from site selection, dual land use, project ownership and subscription and benefit model.

Project Size

Total 2.45 MW PV AC , 2.45 MW - 11.1MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) split across 2 sites

Project Locations:

  • Kualapuʻu Community Center - 250 kW AC solar canopies with associated 250kW/1MWh BESS. This project will be located above the parking lot at Kualapuʻu Community Center to support a resiliency center at that location

  • Palaʻau Power Plant - 2.2 MW AC ground mounted solar and associated 2.2 MW/10.1MWh BESS on utility-owned land near the current power plant

Shake's Role/Services 

  • Development project management

    • Assist with contractor vetting and onboarding

    • Coordinate necessary planning, engineering analysis, and permitting

  • Community co-design facilitation / engagement & outreach

  • Project financing

  • Cooperative organization advising

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