Austin Bushree
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Loves: Spurring cross-sector collaboration to confront systemic problems. There is nothing sweeter than a project or initiative and that creates long-lasting social impact, strengthens environmentally sustainable supply chains, and offers a reliable return to investors. Other than a mango, which may be a sweeter but I’d choose cross-sector collaboration over a mango any day of the week.

Hates: The idea of brilliant individuals who could become leaders in the world’s sustainability movement missing the opportunity to reach their full potential due to a lack of access to resources.
Proud of: My work as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow in Peoria, Illinois. At Caterpillar Inc.’s Mapleton Foundry, I had the opportunity to work with various teams to identify three practical and maintainable energy efficiency measures. Together, they had the potential to reduce the facility’s annual GHG emissions by 13,000 tons CO2 eq., save Caterpillar nearly $1M per year, and meet or exceed the company’s IRR requirements. 

Working on getting better at: Yoga, Spanish, and going to bed before midnight.

Ali Andrews
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Loves: how human-centered design has the power to develop creative solutions to climate change that consider how human behavior will drive their success or failure; a vigorous round of “Yes, and..” improv; a downwind run from Makai Pier to Kaimana Beach on her one-woman canoe.

Hates: Pepper-jack cheese; our dependency on fossil fuels; talk with no walk. 

Proud of: Her baby plants thriving in the Fresno sun; her kindergarten level ability to write and speak ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi; the work by her team on their Masters project in the Design Impact Program - which directly led to the incorporation of Shake Energy Collaborative!

Working on getting better at: asking for 100% of what she wants; remembering to water her baby plants; acknowledging her own biases and privilege.

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