Ali Andrews
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Loves: how human-centered design has the power to develop creative solutions to climate change that consider how human behavior will drive their success or failure; a vigorous round of “Yes, and..” improv; a downwind run from Makai Pier to Kaimana Beach on her one-woman canoe.

Hates: Pepper-jack cheese; our dependency on fossil fuels; talk with no walk. 

Proud of:  Her kindergarten level ability to write and speak ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi; the work by her team on their Masters project in the Design Impact Program - which directly led to the incorporation of Shake Energy Collaborative!

Working on getting better at: asking for 100% of what she wants; meal prep; acknowledging her own biases and privilege.

Keaʻa Davis
Design Strategist

Loves: Poke, video games, using co-design practices to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

Hates: Cilantro, exclusive design practices. 

Proud of: The work Shake Energy Collaborative does.

Working on getting better at: Staying connected with my culture through learning about family history, language, etc.

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Sébastien Selarque
Community Energy Planner
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Loves: Advancing energy justice by collaborating with communities to achieve local and global goals; mālama ʻāina; hiking; and picnicing on the beach with friends.


Hates: Wicked problems, complacency, and cauliflower


Proud of: Everyone who is trying to make a more just and compassionate world. His growing collection of native Hawaiian plants.


Working on getting better at: Being patient and steadfast when working toward long-term goals. Synthesizing power systems engineering, energy planning, and community co-design.

Khande-Jaé Fisher
Community Energy Design Intern - Summer 2021

Loves: Learning about and practicing sustainability, Active listening, Skin care, Re-watching all the MCU movies, Animals, K-Music, Boba


Hates: Non-renewables, tardiness, people who are unkind, carrots


Proud of: My family, being adaptable and hard-working, my Spotify playlists


Working on getting better at: being spontaneous, being more confident, making the most of every day

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Marc Huerta

Loves: Movies, TV shows, Music (Hip-Hop/rap mostly), learning random information, exercise, teaching others

Hates: Willful ignorance, lack of accountability

Proud of: Being a fast learner and quick adapter

Working on getting better at: Being more communicative, coding, staying focused for extended periods of time

Josué Gil-Silva

Loves: His family, playing basketball, working out, his hometown Salinas, watching movies, eating popcorn, playing board games/anything competitive, being outdoors, making inventions, and listening to music (Rap, R&B, and Reggeaton).  

Hates: Racism, misogyny, close-mindedness, onions, taking naps, being unproductive. 

Proud of: Serving as a role model for kids in his city, being a scholar-athlete all of his life, and his open mindedness. 

Working on getting better at: Getting out of his comfort zone more, investing in the stock market, learning how to do graphic design.  


Eliana Fuchs

Loves: Being outside, swimming butterfly, hiking, increasing access to outdoor spaces and activities, making environmental sustainability affordable, meeting new people, and baking cookies.

Hates: Systemic inequality, selfishness, and going to the movies.

Proud of: Her quickly-improving cooking skills, being a supportive friend, and practicing vulnerability.

Working on getting better at: diving into new things without worrying about being bad at them, educating herself on different barriers to accessing the activities she enjoys, doing a pull-up.

Kara Herson

Loves: Solar energy, ice cream, mountains, rugby, and community-centered and community-owned projects

Hates: Fossil fuels, apathy towards taking action, and mosquitos

Proud of: Her friends and family

Working on getting better at: Cooking, asking questions, and learning from communities